3 things to know about TaylorMade's new driver

Tom Mallon

05 February 2024


We’ve got some exciting things planned for the year ahead, among them having TaylorMade’s fantastic new driver ready for purchase in our shop! We’d love to walk you through all the tech in person, so why not book a custom fitting with us?

Last year gave us the release of TaylorMade’s Stealth 2 range of drivers, so say hello to the Qi10! There’s a lot to unpack with this fantastic golf driver, but today we’re going to give you three solid reasons why this club is one to get really excited about.


1. Qi10 Shape and Looks

TaylorMade Qi10 Max Driver

There’s no denying the silky and intriguing shape of the TaylorMade Qi10 driver. When you first pick one up and look at the head, you’ll be taken in by the design. There’s clearly been a lot of fine-craftsmanship that’s gone into it!

This club is black with highlights of silver on the sole, back and toe sections. The Qi10 name is etched on the sole, and the TaylorMade logo is artistically portrayed through a series of silver lines running above it.

When you pull off the headcover, perhaps the most noticeable first impression is that TaylorMade has moved away from their signature red that covered the Stealth and Stealth 2 driver faces. The Qi10 has a dark blue face with a series of ovals running over the surface that are quite pleasing to the eye. These ovals get smaller the closer to the centre, highlighting the sweet spot for better alignment.

With the Qi10 Max in particular (pictured above), there's a new oversized address shape that provides an extremely confidence-inspiring look for every level of golfer.


2. Qi10 Feel

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver Range

It looks good, but does it feel good? Well the answer is yes, yes it does. This golf driver has a Golf Pride Z-Grip that will give you a superb hold over your club.

A big factor that contributes to the feel of the driver is the head shape. It feels comfortingly large and TaylorMade has included an enhanced alignment system on the crown so you know exactly where to setup your strikes.

TaylorMade pays a lot of attention to sound and feel when designing these clubs, the better the noise when you flush a driver strike, the better it feels. Thanks to the face tech, you’ll be hitting a straighter shots regardless of where on the face you make contact with the ball. 

The sound itself is clean and powerful, exactly what we've come to expect from a new driver release from TaylorMade.


3. Qi10 Tech


It should go without saying that a golf driver is only as good as the tech it’s made of, and TaylorMade has made the Qi10 with the latest cutting-edge advancements.

The name Qi10 stands for ‘Quest for Intertia of 10,000’. In a nutshell, clubheads tend to twist slightly when impacting the ball, this is the moment of inertia. The higher MOI a club has, the better it is at resisting twisting on impact, giving you straighter and more accurate strikes. The Qi10 range has been engineered to exceed an inertia level of 10,000, which is totally unprecedented territory when it comes to club forgiveness.

Our straightest-striking driver to date


Each driver in the set features a Carbon Twist Face. This face is lighter than traditional titanium and allows for a more efficient transfer of energy, giving you faster ball speeds off the tee. The Twist Face uses corrective angles that help you produce straighter shots on mis-hits.

As we’ve mentioned, on the top of the club you’ll find the Infinity Carbon Crown. This lightweight section essentially frees up mass for better weight distribution.

Behind the face you’ll find the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket. This piece of tech helps optimize ball speeds on shots you’ve hit low in the face. It also helps produce a clean and powerful sound when you flush your strike.

We can’t get over how fun this driver is to swing, and it’s a joy to go over how each section has been specifically designed to contribute to your performance.


Qi10: A family of three golf drivers

Every golfer has a unique ability, and every golfer has a unique swing. With this in mind, TaylorMade has created three separate Qi10 golf drivers, all made with a specific kind of player in mind.

The standard Qi10 includes all the hardworking tech we’ve outlined above. The lightweight components contribute to a low centre of gravity, giving you superb launch when you’re driving off the tee.

If you’re looking for as much forgiveness as possible, the Qi10 Max driver is the club you’re looking for. The face provides an effortless transfer of energy and the club boasts the highest MOI rating of all the clubs in the range - and that means mega forgiveness.

The low spin model, the Qi10 LS, is an excellent choice for the player who likes to shake up their shot shapes. The driver has an adjustable swing weight on the back that lets you switch between giving yourself a draw, neutral, or fade bias.

If you’re thinking of kickstarting your 2024 with a new golf driver, why not pop by the pro shop? When you come for a custom fitting, we’ll be able to take a look at your ability and how you approach the ball. We’ll then get you kitted up with appropriate gear so you can take your game to the next level.

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